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Erfan Shabani is the most successful Iranian person in the field of perfume who was born on July 2, 1993.
Mysticism has an excellent sense of smell, he always strengthens his sense of smell with different techniques.
Mysticism always says,Start with what you have.
He started his career in very limited circumstances and with minimal tools to record his films.
He posted his first official video on his Instagram page in 2019.
Erfan says that just having an idea is not enough, what guarantees your success is how to do it.
There was only one perfume in his first films! But now we are witnessing the amazing progress of mysticism Erfan has more than a few luxury and expensive perfumes and also introduces very expensive perfumes on his Instagram page.
This is the view of mysticism, be the giant of your work, be the first
In one of Erfan's videos that he published on his official Instagram page, he was able to recognize the scent of 30 different perfumes with his eyes closed in a very short time,
less than 90 seconds! This skill of Erfan caused the most visited and most famous perfume site in America to share the video that Erfan published on his Instagram page. Erfan operates internationally, he has worked with many big brands in the field of perfume.
In 2018, Erfan was invited to a private party of Tom Ford brand in Dubai, UAE, which is one of the most famous brands in the world that works in the field of perfume, clothing, cosmetics, fashion. He shone in collaboration with Tom Ford brand.
In 2019, Erfan was invited by one of the largest specialized perfume brands, Parfums de Marly, a genuine French niche brand, in the beautiful city of Dubai in the UAE and attracted everyone's attention.
In 2020, Erfan became more and more noticed by the biggest brands in the world. He was invited by several brands, English, French, American, etc., to attend the private parties of these brands. But because of the COVID 19 virus. These parties were canceled all over the world.
He is currently popular among his fans and has more than 80,000 followers.


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About My Interest

  • Perfume100%
  • Travel100%
  • Coffee100%


  • Hard Work
  • Mental activities
  • Motivational seminars
  • Digital currencies
  • Gym

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